Short Blonde Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are now the talk of the town. Old and misconception that short hair cut cannot look sexy and feminine is changing slowly. The trendsetters of the society i.e. fashionable figures from Hollywood, our very own Bollywood all page three party creatures are now prefers to flaunt short trendy hair cut. They like to experiment with their short tresses, as it is handy and problem free. You can apply any style and color with fewer problems comparing long hair.

From Hollywood, the main land of fashion and style, many figure, like Katee Holms, Hally Barry, Meg Rayan, Sophia Loria, Kaira Nightley all are having the same trend of short hairstyles. Singer Rehana, page three celebrities Victoria Beckham and many others prefer short hair. Here we will discuss the details of Victoria Beckham, very stylish and ex pop singer and the famous football player David Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham, on the launching function of her and his husband’s joint perfume venture this hair cut public. She flaunts this unique hair cut which is different looking from four different portions. Front look differs from back hairline. Right does not match with left side.

Front side: Front side of Victoria Beckham’s hair cut is asymmetrical because its two sides left hand side and right hand do not match with other. Right hand side is lengthier than the left hand side. You cannot even about the complete hair cut turns to be that type. The left side part has slight bangs. Bangs from the left hand side come to the opposite side that is to the right and it falls down to chin level with a slight blend. This is done to give a feminine touch and also a little bit of length. What you will notice in this haircut is a textured finish, which adds an extra ordinary and voluminous look. Hair color is also north noticing. Mixture of dark and light blonde has been applied, which gives a piecey look to the hairstyle. Front side of the hair is colored with light blonde and golden shades. Coloring gives her a sun kissed look. This is a perfect posh hair cut for “Spice Girls” star.

Back side: from the back this haircut is completely different in looking. Back hairline is short in length and has a gradual up ending with heavily chipped layered hair. Back portion is also textured but have a blending finish. From the crown to the top back part of the neck a sliced piecey textured cut, which has a full-length finish, is done. Back portion is also prominent because of its color style. Blonde color with a variation of dark golden blonde is done very cleverly and stylistically.

Right side: Right hand side is the most prominent part of this haircut. The left hand side is short neatly done behind the ears but the right hand side is lengthy up to the jaw line. To some extent it looks like Keira Knightly’s front hairdo. Mixture of short textural and long piecey strands is the feature of the right front portion. Again, the right side the blonde look is done with various blonde shades that give the hair a gorgeous look. The larger tresses flaunt the blonde highlight.

Left side: Left side is short and is neatly done behind the ears. Contrast between the left and right side makes this hairstyle unique. Left side with its short hair is simple and natural. Sun kissed finish is done at the top of the head and gradually it has become lighter.

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